New Rules to Restrict Non-EU Players

Starting from May, it is going to get difficult for foreign players to play in English premier leagues.

The chairman of FA, Greg Dyke, said in an interview that there are so many foreign players right now that English premier leagues can hardly be considered as English at all.

Not only this, he has also revealed that FA is in the process of drafting laws to limit the number of home grown players. Considering the fact that a lot of foreign players who are absolutely best at their game play in the league matches, this decision can have a negative impact on the world of football.

Fans all around the world who like betting at are finding this bitter pill a bit difficult to swallow. According to a media house that interviewed some fans in connection to this decision, the fans only worry about the quality of game play rather than the nationality of the players.

FA Chairman, Greg Dyke, also said that there are some inherent flaws in the way work permits are granted to foreign players and the commission is going to correct them. The new rules are expected to come into force from May 1.

According to the new rules:
• A football player can qualify as a home grown talent only if he is registered with his respective club from the age of 15. Right now the age eligibility condition is set to 18 but from May 1 it will be dropped to 15.
• The process of dealing with appeals on the rejection of work permit for playing in the league matches will also be tightened. Dyke said that this is being done to ensure that only the best of the best get to play in the league matches. According to him this is more of a quality control step.

Dyke defended the decision by saying that it is being done to help the English football. According to him there are a lot of sub-standard players that have managed to come here and play for clubs. He said that the clubs should try to encourage and promote the young and talented European players instead of just bringing in foreign players.

He cited the example of Harry Kane. Kane, just 21, has become the highest goal scorer of this season with 19 goals. He explained that Kane managed to play for Spur’s team only because Tim Sherwood was managing the team. He said that we need to find more players like Kane and the new rules will ensure that more and more talented English footballers bag the limelight.

The new move might turn out in favor of English football but people who like betting at will have to rethink their betting strategies as some of their favorite footballers get restricted from playing in Europe.