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Jose Mourinho says that he would not hesitate at all in resigning from his post the moment he feels that his players don’t have that much faith in him. But, that’s not the case at the moment and thus, he would hang in there.

However, according to Mourinho, if the owners believe that he can’t turn the current scenario for Chelsea, they can hand him the axe.


Following Chelsea’s loss versus Southampton in the recent home game, the decision makers at the club had an emergency meeting which went for long and finally, at the end, it was concluded that the manager was not going to be removed at this point of time.

It is believed most of the people in the Chelsea top brass are of the opinion that there is nobody better and more capable than Mourinho who can make Chelsea come out of the terrible position that they are finding themselves in presently.

Speaking yesterday to the betting bonus code website regarding his job, Mourinho said, “I would consider resigning only if I see that I am starting to lose faith in the camp. As long as it’s not happening and I am getting complete backing from the players, I would like to be there.”

“You go and have a chat with the players. If you hear from them that they have not got as much trust in me now that they had got in the past, then it’s something which would make me contemplate if I have to continue or not. But, at the moment, everybody is behind me. So, I am happy to continue.”

“In such tough times, you get to know yourself as well a little bit better, what sort of a guy you are. I believe I’ve been handling myself pretty well and I am quite proud of that.”

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