Mourinho claims that victory shows improvement over Arsenal

Jose Mourinho has said that the 2-0 win over Arsenal shows that Chelsea have improved a lot compared to last season. The club was criticised heavily for the defensive performances especially in big matches, but this time around, they have been able to dominate the league by scoring lots of goals. The team has also been better had defending over the last few weeks. Further, Mourinho is extremely happy with the quality of the squad, which has been boosted by the arrivals of names like Thibaut Courtois and Diego Costa.
For long periods of the season, Mourinho has been questioned the necessity for having two great goalkeepers like Thibaut Courtois and Petr Cech in the same squad. It is highly anticipated that Cech, who has been at Chelsea since 2004, would leave the club in January in order to get regular first-team football. During the Arsenal match, Courtois suffered a serious concussion that forced him to get off the field. Mourinho brought on Cech and he made some vital interceptions to keep the opponents out. The Portuguese says that this demonstrated the strength of the squad in the best possible way.
Chelsea have since received a lot of criticism for the way they treated Courtois despite being aware of his injury. Mourinho says that he has full faith in his doctors. "Only we can lose a keeper and not panic. We lost a keeper and the panic was just what the kid [Courtois] has [suffered]. But as for the football panic and talk of 'oh my god, what is going to happen?' ... the other one [Cech] just come comes and no-one in the seats feels any fear because we know the big guy is there for us too. Petr is so solid, so confident, so under control so we are fine. I am happy with everything,” said Mourinho.