Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers has also joined in the mind games after suggesting that Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho is correct when he says that Manchester City are the favourites for the title.

Mourinho has been maintaining throughout this season that City remain as the favourites for the title since they have the strongest squad in the division. Even though Pellegrini’s men have fallen nine points behind table leaders Chelsea, this admission by the Chelsea boss has been viewed with suspect by many.

Mourinho’s main reason for putting City as the favourite is because they still have three matches in hand, which would help them close the gap on Chelsea. The club from Manchester also have a much better goal difference, which Chelsea are unlikely to close between now and the end of the season. Liverpool have moved in to have an outside chance of the title. They are four points behind Chelsea in the table, but more significantly, they have moved ahead of Arsenal in the last few weeks. The fact that they do not have other competitions like the FA Cup and the Champions League makes it easy to maintain the players.

Liverpool still have to play against top teams like Manchester United, City, and Chelsea. It will be clear whether they remain in the hunt after these matches.
"Jose is right. City have the power in terms of their squad. If they win their three games in hand they will go to the top and you would expect them to win those.

I have never made a big push publicly about us winning the title. For me it's not about playing down expectations or mind games, it's really about taking a humble approach to the season. This is a club with huge expectations. It's not until you arrive here and you realise the sheer scale of the club,” said Rodgers.