Jose Mourinho will enter New Year with Full Confidence

Things might not have gone as well for Jose Mourinho as he wanted them to be yesterday, but, the Portuguese would still step into the New Year totally satisfied with his work this summer.

The Blues are still at the top of the pile in the Premier League despite failing to beat Southampton.

It was a 1-1 draw at the St Mary’s Stadium which left Mourinho in an angry mood and he had a few things to say in the press conference after that.

Mourinho’s anger was totally understandable as that draw could have got Chelsea down to no. 2 in the league table for the first time this season.

However for that to happen, Manchester City, which was playing versus Burnley almost at the same time, had to win by a margin of more than 3 goals, but, fortunately for Chelsea, that did not happen.

The Sky Blues were also stopped on a draw by a weaker opposition and they had to stay at their second position.
Whenever Chelsea has been at the top going into the New Year under Mourinho, they have ended up being crowned as Champions. It has happened on two occasions in the past.
And, this time around too, it can happen. Mourinho would have the slight worry at the back of his mind though that his team has started to struggle a little bit on away grounds.

At Newcastle, they were not quite up for the Challenge and then, at Southampton again, there was that lack of firepower.

But, the thing is that the Southampton draw has not cost the Blues as much as it could have. Had that resulted in them being pushed down to 2 in the table, the atmosphere in the changing room would have got really negative.