Chelsea Players Heading to Euro 2016

This season has been a questionable one for Chelsea, and one that they would undoubtedly prefer to wipe clean from footballing history. Having started off with a terrible 2-2 draw against Swansea, the club appeared to set the tone for what would be their form for the rest of the season. Not only was morale already low, but with the combined toxicity of the atmosphere surrounding Jose Mourinho's management status a negative vibe hounded the team.

As if ‘the season to forget’ wasn’t enough for Chelsea fans to bare, there are rumours presently doing the rounds that hint at Diego Costa missing out on Euro 2016. The striker is suffering from a hamstring injury, and although there is time to rest before UEFA begins in June, the standin manager at Chelsea, Guus Hiddink, is still worried that it isn’t enough. Given the 27 year old’s experience, it would be damaging to Spain if they lose one of their forwards.

There is light at the end of the tunnel for Chelsea and their players though, and that is in the form of Antonio Conte who is set to take over as manager once UEFA is over. The latest news from Coral is a buzz with how this will be Conte’s first real test of his worth outside of his home country, and as such is a huge deal for both himself and the club. Nonetheless, with Euro soon to begin, it seems that Conte’s Italian squad will have to test their metal in their Group E position.

Although it is unlikely that England will cross paths with Italy, there is no way of knowing a) England’s odds on qualifying from Group B and b) whether Italy can do the same; in the event that this happens, Conte could be part of an explosive finale to his time coaching in his country. Sadly though, this is all speculation until the June tournament gets underway, and before than Chelsea still have a lot of obstacles to overcome, not just those positioned in front of some of their potential Euro players.

There are positives however, and one of those is in the form of Eden Hazard. The international Belgium midfielder has made the final team thus far, and is joining the likes of Divock Origi on the squad. Furthermore, it is said that Hazard will take over as captain due to Vincent Kompany suffering from an injury.