Chelsea Player Sterling up for the World Cup

Chelsea has quite a few talented players and Raheem Sterling seems to be one of them. Wayne Rooney recently commented on how well this player’s game had improved. Rooney reflected on Raheem’s playing, especially comparing the same to the days when they played for England. Rooney recently wrote for the Times where he credited Raheem. The latter currently plays as an attacker for the Chelsea team.

As per Wayne, Raheem has worked on several aspects. As a result, he has become a formidable attacker. Wayne is currently the manager of DC United and he reminisces how he has seen Sterling’s growth as a player. The two of them have shared several camps on international games. They were together in two major international tournaments. These included the World Cup in Brazil that was held in 2014. After that, they participated in the European Championships held in 2016.

Raheem started his career, not in Chelsea but as a young player at Liverpool. By 2105 he had already made his mark and was a player with Manchester City. Today he is a forward with Chelsea who acquired him for 48 million EUR. Today he has over 100 top-flight goal achievements under his belt. Raheem is currently preparing for World Cup which will be his fifth international tournament event. However, due to the recent struggles of his club, Sterling, along with others, is not guaranteed a leading role. Even though he is a very good player, how they get positioned would depend on many other factors.
This Chelsea player is currently being compared to Saka of Arsenal. As per Wayne, this would be pressure on Sterling. Also, Arsenal fans would want Saka to be placed ahead of Sterling. If the output levels of both players this season are compared, Saka has achieved more. However, as Wayne would say, Pep Guardiola has trained him well during his years with City.