Antonio Conte favors Current Match as Deciding

Antonio Conte reckons the only reality in the game of Football is the action that takes place between the two goal posts and if a team is not excelling in that action, having fancy names on the team-sheet means nothing.

Conte seemed angry after going pointless for the second week in a row following his 4-game unbeaten start in the Premiership as the Blues got slapped a huge defeat by another London team, which is Arsenal, yesterday and slipped a fair distance in the table.

Conte was quoted as, “On the basis of our team sheet, we look one of the heavyweights in this competition, but, you don’t win a point by just looking a heavyweight on the team-sheet, you have to show our strength and skills on the ground too because it’s the ground where everything happens.”

“I think we probably don’t remember the errors of the previous season because I can see the same errors. It’s important to reflect every now and again to evade the errors you made in the past.”

“Seven goals in three matches, that is horrible and that has to be looked into. Whatever number of players I will need to put in the backline, I won’t mind. If it’s four players, so be it, but, it’s got to change.”

Conte also ruled out any chance of him going to bed that night saying that he couldn’t come even close to sleeping after such annihilation.

In his words, ‘Surely it will be a sleepless night and the night after this one will also be the same. Sleep does not come easy to me when I have a horrible day in the office. I remain up and if I am up, the only thing in my mind is Football.”